issue bulletin中文意思是什麼

issue bulletin解釋

  • issue: n 1 出口;河口。2 結果,結局;成績。3 收獲,收益。4 頒布,發行;發行額;發行物。5 流出,(血、水...
  • bulletin: n. 1. 告示;公告,公報;(學術團體等定期出版的)會刊。2. (關于要人的)病情公報。3. 新聞簡報。vt. 告示,揭示,用公報發表。

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  1. Year 2000 bulletin the hkma also released today the " year 2000 bulletin " which is the first of a series providing a channel for the hkma to disseminate information on the year 2000 issue to the banking industry in hong kong

  2. The hong kong monetary authority hkma published the latest issue of its quarterly bulletin today 31 may

  3. Road safety bulletin 11th issue october 2004

    道路安全通訊第十一期( 2004年10月)
  4. Although the company generally intends, once its shares are quoted on the over the counter bulletin board, to raise additional funds, we have no specific plans, understandings or agreements with respect to such an offering, and we have given no contemplation with respect to the securities to be offered or any other issue with respect to any offering

  5. Road safety bulletin 7th issue september 2002

    道路安全通訊第七期( 2002年9月)