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  • jail: n. ,vt. =gaol.
  • law: n 勞〈姓氏〉。n 1 法律,法令;法典。2 法學;訴訟;司法界;律師(界),律師職務。3 (事物或科學的...

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  1. It is closely related with other factors ( the traditional law culture of china, villager autonomy system, law enforcement and judicial administration in rural areas ) that also have effects on the rural rule - by - law course, and deeply affects rural legal operation in the fields of national especially agricultural legislation, farmer ' s voluntary abidance by the law, and the execution of law in rural areas

  2. This and " criminal law " the 34th regulation is abhorrent

  3. It's a shameful, wicked, abominable law.

  4. Article 46. this law shall enter into force as of april 1, 1990. the regulations on city planning promulgated by the state council shall be abrogated therefrom

  5. My do - gooder son - in - law dragged you out of jail