kafer el中文意思是什麼

kafer el解釋

  • kafer: 克費爾
  • el: n 1 英語字母 L l 2 〈美口〉高架鐵路 (=elevated railroad)。n 1 L字母;L狀物;〈美國〉(與正房成...

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  1. The following night they passed through the strait of bab - el - mandeb, which means in arabic the bridge of tears, and the next day they put in at steamer point, north - west of aden harbour, to take in coal

    這個名字,阿拉伯文的意思是「流淚之門」 。第二天是14號,蒙古號停泊在亞丁灣西北的汽船岬,因為要在那裡加煤。
  2. Arequipa, the city at the foot of el misti, is the commercial and agricultural hub of southern peru. the city takes its gleam from volcanic building stone

  3. You will enjoy these breathtaking sights : tunnel view, bridal veil fall, el captain, merced river, yosemite fall, half dome. the day ends with an overnight stay in central california s top city : fresno

  4. The comprehensive treatment project of lin jia ya slide el consists of whittling slope, anti - slide pile with anchoring cable, retaining wall, building ground drainages, level ing off and calking slope, vegetation protection etc. after managing, under the action of earthquake load and watery the stability coefficient of slide is up to 1

    林家崖號滑坡的綜合治理方案是由削方、錨索抗滑樁、護坡擋墻、地表排水、整坡填縫、生物防護等多種工程措施優化組合而成。治理后,在飽水有地震荷載狀態下滑坡的安全儲備系數為1 . 10 。
  5. A deira, told el mundo newspaper. the players would cross back to ceuta on sundays after the fictional match and actual drug sales on the mainland