kasba de boulaouane中文意思是什麼

kasba de boulaouane解釋

  • kasba: 戈斯巴
  • de: DE = destroyer escort 護航驅逐艦。de1〈拉丁語〉 = down from from off de facto 事實上(的)。 de...

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  1. Chitosan reducing amino acids of mixed juice and filtered juice were tested, it seem that chitosan could de - amino - acidize in sugarcane juice, some preventable and controllable methods for mallard reaction were also discussed

  2. With an eye to the disjoint of law and practice, chapter 1 demonstrates that the adjudicative power shall belong to adjudicator de jure

  3. Also, the precision of de estimated by sar is higher than that estimated by multiple aliquots

    同時, d _ e值的測量精度普遍比多片法高。
  4. Development of glutinous rice wine made from de - stink garlic allicin

  5. Have no time for finish his cup, monk yue - chu saluted to shi yuan - de with fists holding in front of his chest, then to disembark from the tern, avoid meeting the “ mangy dog ”, and went to neighboring village to spend the night at another familiar almsgiver

    悅楚和尚來不及將碗中酒喝乾,乘宵禁時間未到,對施元德把手一拱,從船尾上岸,避開「癩皮狗」 ,徑向近村熟識的施主家借宿去了。