kinematic potential中文意思是什麼

kinematic potential解釋

  • kinematic: adj. 【物理學】運動學(上)的。adv. -ically
  • potential: adj 1 可能的;【語法】可能語氣的。2 潛在的;有潛勢的;【物理學】位的,勢的。3 〈罕用語〉有力的。n...

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  2. In a word, convective instability strong baxoclinicity barotropic advection of potential vorticity and latent heat release are factors which activize this explosive development of cyclone

  3. That would cause potential adversaries to recoil from a challenge.

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  5. For example, outside the afferent nerve fiber in week nerve passes into sensory information centre, the instruction information that efferent nerve fiber issues centre spreads effect implement, convey with the form of nerve impulse, and the biology report that nerve impulse calls behavioral potential one kind namely changes, it is the mark of nerve excitement