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  • knoll: n. 圓丘,土墩。n. ,vt. ,vi. 〈英方,古〉=knell.
  • lens: n (pl lenses)1 透鏡;一組透鏡。2 【解剖學】(眼球的)晶體。3 【攝影】(照相機的)鏡頭。4 凸透鏡...
  • flare: n 1 搖曳的火焰,閃爍的火光,閃光(信號);曳光管;照明彈;(太陽的)耀斑,色球爆發。2 (突然)燒...
  • pro: n (pl pros) 〈口語〉內行,專家;〈美國〉職業選手。 a golf pro 高爾夫球的職業選手。n (pl pros)...

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  1. A reliable machine shop can cut away a small amout of metal from the aft side of the mounting flange so that the lens will set closer to the film platen.

  2. 6. oocytes were fixed for immunofluorescence. examination of cgs and microtubules were performed by fitc labeled lens culinaris agglutinin ( lca ) and and - fi - tubulin under confocal scanning laser microscopy ( cslm ) respectively

    利用直接免疫熒光染色和共聚焦顯微鏡( confocalscan muglasermicroscopy , cslm ) ,研究各組體夕成熟卵的皮質顆粒和微管
  3. Inhibitory effect of radix morindae officinalis on lens aldose reductase

  4. The man ' s been pretty much everywhere. he is a real pro alpinist

  5. It has 16 elements in 13 groups, including two ad glass elements to reduce flare, chromatic aberration, and image distortion. this lens system has been designed to maximize the quality of the 8 - megapixel ccd