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  1. Get off at jr harajuku, the tokyo metro ginza line, chiyoda line and hanzomon line omote - sando or chiyoda line meijijingumae, go along omote - sando for aoyama - dori and on the way, you can find a gray building on your left

  2. Runs from omotesando station to harajuku station. jr harajuku, the tokyo metro ginza line, hanzomon line and chiyoda line omote - sando, chiyoda line meijijingu. about 1, 000m street till it comes across aoyama - dori is omote - sando

  3. There ' s a huge market in aoyama

  4. " what ' s seen as attractive now is to look well groomed and cute, " said hairdresser yuko shimizu of the afloat - f salon in tokyo ' s trendy aoyama district

  5. In addition to the reconstruction of the metropolitan housing complex at minami aoyama 1 - chome, the private sector has been invited to participate in this redevelopment project for the purposes of incorporating welfare facilities and commercial and business facilities, thereby maximizing the use of the land