la guaira中文意思是什麼

la guaira解釋
n. 名詞 拉瓜伊拉〈委內瑞拉港市〉。

  • la: La = 【化學】 lanthanum n 【音樂】長音階全音階的第六音,A音的唱名。int 〈古、方〉啊呀 看哪 〈用...
  • guaira: 瓜伊拉

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  1. Now we reached the entrance of the la alhambra

  2. It was a palace, " palacio de carlos v ", in the la alhambra, but we wanted to visit a castle first

  3. Because there was a very popular small square, " san nicolas ", which could see the whole view of the la alhambra

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  5. He dressed in the picturesque costume worn upon grand occasions by the inhabitants of the south of france, bearing equal resemblance to the style adopted both by the catalans and andalusians ; while la carconte displayed the charming fashion prevalent among the women of arles, a mode of attire borrowed equally from greece and arabia