labile shower中文意思是什麼

labile shower解釋

  • labile: adj. 1. 易變化的;【物、化】不穩定的。2. 【電學】滑動的,不安定的。
  • shower: n 1 陣雨;(風雪等的)一陣。2 淋浴;(彈)雨(等),陣雨一樣涌到的東西(信等);【物理學】射叢;...

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  2. The telltale signs are ominous : teens holing up in their rooms, ignoring friends, family, even food and a shower, while grades plummet and belligerence soars

    躲在房間里,忽視朋友,家人,甚至食物,和洗澡,分數滑落,好鬥性增加- - -這些「會給家長們告密的"都是不詳徵兆。
  3. Drink lots of water to help prevent dehydration if you do burn slightly, calamine lotion or yoghurt can help cool your skin, or take a cool bath or shower

  4. Efficacy : shea butter can nourish skin while mineral mud helps to make skin firm, letting your skin turn energetic as if you were having a shower in the nature and coruscating charm

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