音標 ['leibail]
adj. 形容詞 1. 易變化的;【物、化】不穩定的。
2. 【電學】滑動的,不安定的。


    1. Protection of thermo - and xero - labile materials during thermal drying

    2. The relationships between the contents of labile p and algae - available p in the soils and the content of olsen - p or total p in the soil reached significantly or extremely significant level, respectively

      Cacl _ 2浸提磷或naoh浸提磷與土壤全磷或土壤有效磷含量有顯著的相關性。
    3. It not only constraint the development of state economy, but also increase polarize very probably, result in labile factor and serious potential problem for social security

    4. These are more commonly described as the "labile" metal concentrations.

    5. Soil labile organic carbon ( loc ) refers to the fractions of organic carbons that are easy to move and to be oxidized and mineralized, and they are quite available to plant and soil microorganisms. soil water - soluble organic carbon ( wsoc ), microbial biomass carbon ( mbc ), and easily oxidisable organic carbon ( eoc ) are considered to be the useful indicators of loc