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labor department解釋

  • labor: n. ,〈美國〉= labour
  • department: n 1 部門;〈美國〉部(= 〈英國〉 ministry);〈英國〉局,課,科;車間。2 (法國等的)省,縣。3 ...

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  1. Labor department committed to help china improve conditions, 10102002

  2. This paper is grounded on the project of tackle key to problem which is initiated by nation labor department and northeast general pharmaceutical factory, rely on " identifying of a serious danger source and control system in produce process of fosforncin sodium " by automation control institute of dalian maritime university

    本文以國家勞動部與東北制藥總廠「磷酶素鈉生產過程重大隱患與危險源識別與控制系統」攻關項目為背景,依託大連海事大學自動化研究所的「磷酶素鈉生產過程重大隱患與危險源的識別與控制系統」 。
  3. If be the worker that contributive action uses unit of choose and employ persons, the worker is inside contract period ( include probation ) remove the labor contract with unit of choose and employ persons, should servantchoose a person for a job unit but according to " disobey ( labor law ) the compensatory way that provides about labor contract " ( labor department is sent [ 1995 ] 223 ) the 4th ( one ) compasses is directional worker claim for compensation

    假如是用人單位出資招用的職工,職工在合同期內(包括試用期)解除與用人單位的勞動合同,則該用人單位可按照《違反(勞動法)有關勞動合同規定的賠償辦法》 (勞部發1995 223號)第四條第(一)項規定向職工索賠。
  4. Want to begin the post evaluation of from bottom to top, form scientific evaluation mechanism, implement a group seriously in the center of, labor department allots jointly " expert of countrywide youth station rewards method " each regulation

  5. Because it is national labor department promulgates one of the 4th batch of new occupations, it is to answer the need and produces professional skill talented person of society, market, point to accept professional knowledge skill to groom, pass attestation of exam of national profession qualification, obtain from job seniority ( labor department is sent [ 1994 ] 98 date file sets the 6th times " the nuclear hair of the professional qualification appraisal that labor department is in charge of be being given priority to with skill and certificate and management " ), be engaged in nutrition seeking advice, propaganda and education of guidance of nutrient evaluation, nutrition, nutrition, nutrition management and the special profession that pursue nutrient education and scientific research job person

    因為它是國家勞動部頒布第4批新職業之一,是應社會、市場的需要而產生的職業技能人才,指接受專業知識技能培訓,通過國家職業資格考試認證,取得從業資格(勞部發[ 1994 ] 98號文件第6條規定「勞動部負責以技能為主的職業資格鑒定和證書的核發與治理」 ) ,從事營養咨詢、營養測評、營養指導、營養宣教、營養治理以及從事營養教學與科研工作的非凡職業者。