labor day中文意思是什麼

labor day解釋
美國勞工節〈九月的第一個星期一,相當于歐洲的 May Day〉。

  • labor: n. ,〈美國〉= labour
  • day: n. 戴〈姓氏〉。n. 1. 日,一日。2. 節日;規定的日期,約定的日子。3. 晝,白晝,白天;日光。4. 〈常 pl. 〉時代;全盛時代。5. 壽命,生平。6. (某日的)戰斗;勝負,勝利。
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  2. Labor day is always the first monday of september

  3. Wishing you a very restful and joyous labor day

  4. The day fire has scorched 223 square miles since it was sparked by someone burning debris on labor day

  5. Not only blue - collar workers but white - collar workers as well do not have to work on labor day because it is observed as a legal holiday in the united states and canada

    (不但是藍領階級,連白領階級的人也一樣,在勞動節都不工作,因為勞動節是美國及加拿大的國定紀念日。 )