lahore cantonment中文意思是什麼

lahore cantonment解釋

  • lahore: n. 拉合爾〈巴基斯坦城市〉。
  • cantonment: n. 【軍事】〈常 pl. 〉宿營地,(臨時)兵營;冬營。

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  1. That is partly born of their latest shared suffering : “ bangles from delhi, paan [ betel nut ] for lahore amid the ashes ”, was a typical indian newspaper headline describing the atrocity

    部分原因是兩國最近共同的遭遇,印度一家代表性報紙的頭條是這樣描述這場災難的「灰燼中布滿了德里的手鐲和拉哈爾的檳榔」 。
  2. The pla mingling with the civilians in the vicinity of the cantonment was suggestive of similar mobilisations seen during the french, russian, and chinese revolutions - - the people in arms

  3. Xml consultant bilal siddiqui received a degree in electronics engineering from the university of engineering and technology, lahore, pakistan in 1995

    Xml顧問bilal siddiqui在1995年從巴基斯坦的拉合爾工程與技術大學獲得電子工程學位。
  4. A suicide bomb attack outside the high court in lahore, pakistan, has killed at least 12 people, including police officers, officials say

  5. He said as a precaution, u. s. consulates in three pakistani cities, karachi, peshawar and lahore had been temporarily closed, but that local american residents are being kept informed about safety and security issues through so - called warden messages from the diplomatic posts