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  • laser: n 鐳射激光,受激發射光,激光;萊塞;激光器,光激射器 ( = light amplification by stimulated emis...
  • holography: n. (不用透鏡而用激光的)全息照相術;全息學。
  • storage: n. 1. 貯藏(量),存儲(量);(倉庫)保管;庫容量。2. 棧房,倉庫,貯藏所。3. 棧租,棧費。4. 貯存器。5. 【電學】蓄電(瓶)。6. 【自動化】(計算機的)存儲(器);記憶。

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  1. This is the second generation holograph. since the hologram reconstructed by laser loses the hue information, benton produced two - step rainbow holography in 1969, which gave the hologram vivid colors. this is the third generation holograph

    由於激光再現的全息圖失去了色調信息, 1969年benton提出二步彩虹全息術,在一定的條件下賦予全息圖以鮮艷的色彩,形成激光記錄、白光再現的第三代全息圖。
  2. This special property of laser light is the basis of holography.

  3. These light sources have promising applications and potential market demands for the high - density storage of opto - information, high - speed laser print, high - brightness and dynamic display in all colors, solid light sources, signal detectors and communication

  4. Laser power modulation for multilevel optical data storage based on photochromism

  5. Nondestructive test for phase objects by secondary exposure laser holography