laterally reinforced concrete中文意思是什麼

laterally reinforced concrete解釋

  • laterally: 側面地
  • reinforced: 加筋的
  • concrete: adj 1 具體的,有形的;實在的,實際的。2 固結成的,混凝土製的。3 圖案詩歌的(參閱concrete poetry)...

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  1. The results indicate that fiber grating strain sensors are able to monitor the tension status about reinforced concrete bowstring arch bridge effectively

  2. It canbe determined the enhancing effect of new steel fiber to shear resistance of beams by the test of tensile strength of steel fiber reinforced concrete, it is important to reduce test cose and increase research efficiency

  3. Additional crosswise reinforceing steel in reinforced concrete beams of indirect loading

  4. When reinforced concrete upper structure - piled raft - subsoil system is studied, every part of this system is looked upon homogeneous discrete space. accofding to static equivalent principle, equivalent node loads are calculated, and load embattle is integrated with element equivalent node force and directly bearing load

  5. 5. according to the foresaid means of assessment, applying the principle of three - rated precaution and twice designs, i develop the procedure of anti - seism, which strengthens the reinforced concrete bridge with carbon fiber

    5 、根據以上的評估方法及加固理論,運用三級設防、兩次設計原則,開發碳纖維加固鋼筋混凝土橋梁的應用程序。