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  1. Wemh ? ner anlagen gmbh & co. kg offers offers to packaging installations, industrial systems and rotatory appliances

  2. The company bht blume handel technik gmbh deals in office furniture and also in object arrangement

    Bht blume handel technik gmbh是一家高水平的公司,該公司為您供應高質量的產品並從事辦公室設備,目標設備的製造和銷售。
  3. Interesting offers and target group - exact marketing of cogged wheels and gears, machine fitting, parts, elements and of tubing parts as well as further products and / or services such as condenser tubes or flue gas pipes you receive from hde metallwerk gmbh

    Hde metallwerk gmbh是一家靈活的企業,該企業針對客戶需求製造專門的排氣管,冷凝管,管件,機械備件、零部件、配件,毛坯和半成品,齒輪和傳動結構。
  4. In the special fields wheel drive, wheel, gear box construction with spiral technology or beyond that with hypoid, cone, spur wheel as well as with gears, spiral cones and / or with bevel gear and cogged wheels and gears is graessner gmbh well - known

    Graessner gmbh是一家現代化的、可靠的專門產品供應商,這家供應商從事傳動、傳動齒輪箱,錐體、圓錐、彈頭,錐齒輪,錐齒輪,錐齒輪驅動,錐形圓柱齒輪,輪、葉輪、齒輪,齒輪,齒輪傳動,螺旋錐,曲線齒錐齒輪傳動箱,圓柱齒輪,齒輪和傳動結構的製造、銷售。
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