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  • tread: vi (trod , 〈古語〉 trode; trodden trod)1 踩,踏;走。2 踩碎,踏扁;蹂躪 (on; upon)。3 (雄...
  • arc: A. R. C. = American Red Cross 美國紅十字會。n. 1. 弧;弓形,拱(洞)。2. 電弧,弧光。
  • radius: n (pl radii )1 半徑;半徑范圍。2 【解剖學】橈骨。3 (車輪的)輻;【物理學】輻射線;【無線電】徑...

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  1. A radian is the angle subtended by an arc of a circle whose length is just equal to the radius.

  2. An early instrument for measuring altitude of celestial bodies, consisting of a90 = graduated arc with a movable radius for measuring angles

  3. A combined neural network and genetic algorithm with solving stability safety of homogeneous slope was proposed and the finite element method is applied to analysis the progressive failure process of the slope and the maximum equilibrium theory, requests out stability safety of homogeneous slope with the smooth arc radius of difference with the difference below the level coordinate of arc peak, utilizing the neural network algorithm to establish slidng the nonlinear mapping relationship between level coordinate of arc radious and arc peak, being adapted the neural network algorithm to look for along the minimal stability safety of homogeneous slope and corresponding arc radious and arc peak

  4. A brief talk on method of data processing about indirect measuring radius of arc

  5. The mathematic model of the ultra - thin spherical mirror is to be treated as elastic thin shell. then the predigested model, i. e., bended beam, used in qualitative analysis was proposed, and its deflection and stress formulas under the freely supported condition were set up. based on an off - axis aspherical primary mirror, the relationship of aspherical surface error ( rms ) in tangential plane with bended beam ’ s radius r, position s of concentrated load p and geometry length l of arc was analyzed

    根據這一設想,本文建立了超薄鏡的數學模型?薄殼,並提出了強制力作用下超薄鏡的簡化模型?曲梁,推導了曲梁在簡支情況下受力變形的撓度公式,並結合一個實例,計算出曲梁變形后與所需非球面的面形殘差( rms )在子午方向與曲梁弧長l 、曲梁半徑r及集中力位置s的關系及滿足面形精度的r和s范圍,分析了弧矢方向的rms ,得出了同時滿足子午和弧矢方向面形要求的l 、 r和p 。