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  • legend: n. 1. 傳說;神話。2. 偉人傳。3. (獎章、紀念牌等的)銘文,題跋。4. 地圖的圖例,插圖的說明。5. 〈the L-〉 【宗教】聖徒故事集 ( = the Golden L-)。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • duo: n. (pl. duos, dui )1. 【音樂】二重唱,二重奏。2. (演員的)一對。

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  1. The legend of king arthur represent the apotheosis of chivalry

  2. In the wake of the cider house rules came a few highly publicized but ultimately disappointing projects, including john frankenheimer s reindeer games 2000, robert redford s the legend of bagger vance 2000, and sweet november 2001, the last of which reunited her with erstwhile co - star keanu reeves

  3. Through gauzy, trance - like imagery, we are awakened to the underlying legend of a lost city, where its dwellers had once summoned a chain between their past and their future

  4. The song is based on a legend of unrequited love set in a deserted castle on the ancient silk road, it creates a deep and intoxicating sadness which surrounds and inhabits you

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