lisa pelikan中文意思是什麼

lisa pelikan解釋

  • lisa: n. 莉莎〈女子名,Elizabeth 的昵稱〉。
  • pelikan: 佩利坎

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  1. Rebecca : you and paul thought the lisa aaron murder

  2. Winnie also liked children and lisa adored her.

  3. Stop. i know all about you and your past and lisa constantine

  4. French poet guillaume apollinaire is arrested and put in jail on suspicion of stealing the mona lisa from the louvre museum

  5. Traveler justine shapiro begins her stay in one of the world ' s gastronomic erters learning the secrets of french haute cuisine. the following day she takes in the sites on foot before enjoying a traditional parisian cabaret. after an expensive shopping trip she spends her final day taking in the famous galleries and museums ending at the louvre, home of the mona lisa

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