local swelling中文意思是什麼

local swelling解釋

  • local: adj 1 地方的,當地的,本地的。2 局部的。3 鄉土的,狹隘的,片面的。4 【郵政】本市的,本地的;【鐵...
  • swelling: n. 腫脹;增大;腫瘤;隆起,膨脹;隆起部。

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  1. Based on the analysis of the theory and capability of asm & aam, a new method is put forward by combination of local texture model and global texture model

  2. In this paper, we study the convergences of random dirichlet series by the local convergence of random variable and the strong law of large numbers, and obtain some simple and explict formulae on abscissa of convergence

  3. To play his local emmy acceptance speech from last year

  4. She plays an active part in local politics.

  5. Manual therapy is one of the treatment modalities in orthopaedics and traumatology of chinese medicine. it could promote blood circulation, subdue swelling, relieve pain, relieve muscle spasm and fix bone fracture etc. manual therapy is therefore often used in treating local injuries, e. g. fracture, dislocation, injury of muscles and tendons, etc.