lochia rubra中文意思是什麼

lochia rubra解釋

  • lochia: n. 【醫學】惡露,產褥排泄。
  • rubra: 魯布拉

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  1. Taken two heavy metal contaminated soils in copper mine field of hongtoushan area and lead - zinc mine field of qingchengzi area as sampling sites, studied the abundance and diversity of amf community and the relation of which to ecological factors ; two experiments were managed by pot culture and four - compartments culture system with festuca. rubra and red clover as host plants inoculated with gintraradices, gmosseae and gcaledordinum to study the effect of different amf on the uptake and accumulation of heavy metal in cd contaminated soil and cu > zn - pk cd complex - contaminated soil

    採用盆栽、四室根箱培養的方法,研究了接種g . intraradicesg . mosseae和g . caledordinum在cd污染和cu 、 zn 、 pb 、 cd復合污染土壤中對紫羊茅、三葉草吸收、累積重金屬的影響,明確了叢枝菌根菌在重金屬污染土壤生物修復中的作用。主要結果如下: 1 、沈陽礦區重金屬污染土壤中,共發現叢枝菌根菌6個屬23個種,已鑒定22種, 1個未定種。
  2. Through cultivating five cold - season turfgrass ( lolium perenne, agrostis stolonifera, festuca rubra, festuca arundinacea, bromus inermis ) in basin, their drought to lerance indexes, including the planting height, the root growth, the relative water content of leaves, the penetration of membrane, were comprehensively evaluated to compare their drought tolerance

  3. Studies on growth rule in seedling stage of alnus rubra

  4. Effect of acupoint injecting with radix paeonia rubra injection on nail fold microcirculation

  5. A comparative study on content of major constituents between radix paeoniae rubra and radix paeoniae alba by hpce