low tension side中文意思是什麼

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  • low: adj 1 低的;淺的,矮的。 low flight 低飛。 a low temperature 低溫。 low tide [water] 低潮。 The g...
  • tension: n 1 拉緊;伸張。2 (精神、局勢等)緊張。3 【物理學】張力,拉力,牽力;(彈性體的)應力;(蒸氣等...
  • side: n 1 (左右上下等的)邊,側面;(事物內外等的)面,方面;(人、物等的)旁,旁邊。2 〈數〉(三角形...

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  1. Road vehicles - low - tension cables - part 6 : single - core, unscreened, with thin insulation wall ; dimensions, materials, marking

  2. Road vehicles - open crimp barrels for assembling low - tension cables of thin insulation wall thickness by hand crimping tools

  3. Road vehicles ; fuses for low tension installations ; fuse strips

  4. When operating, high - low pressure side isolation membrane and filled oil will translates the process pressure to the center filled oil, and the center filled oil will translates the pressure to the sensing membrane of sensor center inroom

  5. Low tension and speed are adopted in warping, suitable amount of anti - static agent is added in sizing and side heald frames for satin fabric are located on the position of page 1, 2 to reduce the reed mark

    整經應採用小張力,低車速;漿紗時加入適量抗靜電劑,並使用後上蠟;緞紋織物邊綜框放在第1 、 2頁位置,以減輕筘路。