main ends中文意思是什麼

main ends解釋

  • main: adj 1 主要的,主,全,總。2 充分的,盡量的;全力的,有力的。n 1 體力,氣力;力〈僅用於 with might...
  • ends: (管)端,端部

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  1. The chinese government had committed to a gradual cancellation of all 1 imits on the foreign capi tal retail trade in the agreement with the america and eu countries, that the connection of domestic and foreign competitions turns to be the main trend, and it would be an aboil contest

  2. The main shuchural features of the new electric single - girder overhead travelling crane presented in this paper is as follows : using a special gisder section to provide simple production technology and light weight ; dopting hinged connection at one end between main glrders and end carrages instead of the rigid connection at both ends, eliminating the three - point supporting problem with the crane and thus improving the travelling perfomance ; extending crane wheels life contributed to the combination of no - flange crane wheels and horizontal rollers

  3. Consulting about foreign study, the research showed that the speed of firing can be improved by modifying the machanism of the automatic, and at the same time two problems must be solved, one is that more mechanisms should act at the same time to reduce the time of the whole actions of automatic mechanisms, the other is that the time of each mechanism ' s action should be reduced. the time can be reduced by several ways. the first one is to reduce the mass of mechanism, the second one is to increase the force applied on the mechanism and reduce the resistance, the third one is to shorten the working distance, the fourth one is to give abstention and cushion to mechanism before action ends. this thesis includes the following topics : discussion of the theory of the automatic and shell - swing design, establish the kinematic and dynamic models of the main structures in automatic and perform the corresponding mechanical analysis, set up a compendious cyclical diagram for the automatic ; the computer simulation to the navy gun ' s firing parts

    由現有艦炮自動機循環圖可知,制約射速提高的幾個因素是:後座、復進佔用的時間較長,約占總循環時間的三分之一;供彈機的動作單獨佔用循環時間,且較長;輸彈機的輸彈時間較長;各機構動作重疊少;參考國內外的研究情況,本文提出了在採用改進完善現有自動機機構來提高射速時,必須考慮以下兩點: ( 1 ) 、力求在同一時間內能使更多的機構參與工作,並處理好各動作之間的銜接(即介面技術) ,以便縮短整個自動機的動作循環時間。
  4. Ramp at main entrance, with handrails on both sides and tactile warning strips at both ends of the ramp

  5. When we prepared for the game, emeka was a main focus and we knew we had to stop him on both ends of the court to be successful