main kinds of activities中文意思是什麼

main kinds of activities解釋

  • main: adj 1 主要的,主,全,總。2 充分的,盡量的;全力的,有力的。n 1 體力,氣力;力〈僅用於 with might...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • activities: 各項活動

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  1. As refer to floating cargos, the people ' s insurance company of china provids three main kinds of risks are fpa, wpa and all risks

    對于海運貨物來說,中國人民保險公司提供三種主要險別: fpa 、 wpa和一切險。
  2. The main kinds of rocks include carbonate rocks, tuffite, siliceous rocks and quartz sand - stone

  3. There are two main kinds of iron used for making steel: "basic" iron and "hermatite" iron.

  4. Axial load composed of five main kinds of vehicles was gained by eye - observing, and then the mean exchange coefficients of each kind of vehicles and equivalent standard axle load were obtained

  5. ( 2 ) in this paper, the author summarized the working principle, the superiority and the limitations of a few main kinds of classical sprinkler systems ; put emphasis on the importance of a few key points which is relevant to the function of the system, such as the choosing of sprinkler and it ' s fixing, the automatic checking function of water pump, the layout of alarm valve, especially the choosing of sprinkler and it ' s fixing ; looked through the feasibility of which we used water instead of gas by water mist especially finely divided water mist fire - extinguishing technique

    展望了水噴霧技術特別是細水霧技術進行以水代氣滅火的可行性。 ( 3 )針對工程設計中最復雜,工作量最大的部分-系統水力計算部分,在規范的基礎上,基於excel電子表格,提出了經濟流速的范圍,提供了一套行之有效的設計計算方法,同時,對屋頂水箱和增壓泵的設置這一難以解決的問題發表了見解,既確保了自動噴水滅火系統初期快速滅火、控火的性能,又節省了大量的設計工作時間。