main multiplexer card中文意思是什麼

main multiplexer card解釋

  • main: adj 1 主要的,主,全,總。2 充分的,盡量的;全力的,有力的。n 1 體力,氣力;力〈僅用於 with might...
  • multiplexer: 多工器
  • card: n 1 紙牌;〈pl 〉紙牌機。2 卡片(紙);明信片;請柬;入場券;名片。3 節目單;程序單;戲單;菜單;...

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  1. The main products of the corporation include leather aero case, briefcase, trunk, apparatus case, vanity, wallet, business card bag, key bag, castes, gloves, corium notepad, travel bag, computer bag, schoolbag, leather packet, all kinds of top - grade and middle class leather things, oxford things, remembrance, sales promotion product and so on

    公司主要產品有各種款式的航空箱、公文箱(包) 、行李箱、儀器箱(套) 、手袋、名片夾、錢夾、鑰匙包、皮帶、記事薄、電腦包、書包、寵物袋、西服袋等中高檔皮具,並可按照客戶要求設計或來樣生產。
  2. I company is the production, sale of joint venture companies for the integration, north china is the largest manufacturer of organic pigments one of the main production " bo ] card " organic pigments, although sejiang, plastic sacks table india ink, ink and other related series of composite products

  3. The main products fall into color - printed plastic bag, bopp self - adhesion bag, sock bags, ornament bags, card bags, clothing bags, transparent pvc handbag, cosmetic bags, cd bags, various gift bags and other plastic packing bags

  4. In this thesis, the structur principle tal the systein project of coodess ic card were investigated and the reader was also designed. the main researches are as follows :. firstly, an equvalent circuit model of the indution power sapply of contatless ic card was presented by anaiyzing its work principle

  5. The main function that the data communication board carries out is sending data under the control of industry computer to the same card in the simulation computer and also receiving data from it. through this way the two computers can communicate