main partition中文意思是什麼

main partition解釋

  • main: adj 1 主要的,主,全,總。2 充分的,盡量的;全力的,有力的。n 1 體力,氣力;力〈僅用於 with might...
  • partition: n 1 分割;分開;被分開;區分,劃分,配分。2 區分線,區分物,隔開物;隔板,隔墻。3 部分;隔開部分...

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  1. Currently, the main defects of vegetation rehabilitation were poor acclimatization ability and singularity of plants, which would take a long - time and substantive capital

  2. The main problems existed are as follows : the limited basic facilities in logistics ; the out - dated management system, piece partition ; the poor low service level, limited scope ; the backward concept in logistics, the lack of talented people, the deterioration of the ecological environment in some parts of the area, and the traffic problems, etc. but, on the other hand, the development in western logistics also has the advantages which the eastern logistics does not possess, including the resources, regional and potential advantages

  3. The main results are as follows : 1. a new method to compare the efficacy of partition testing and random testing is put forward

    主要內容為: 1 .在現有研究的基礎上提出了一種比較隨機測試和劃分測試的方法。
  4. The main processes include system partition, module design and functional simulation

  5. The paper has four parts. the first chapter, introduction, gives the origin of the problems and our main results. the second chapter proves that countable paracompact ( mesocompact, metacompact ) spaces have the characterization of junnila ' s and that hereditarily mesocompact spaces do n ' t have it. at last, we give the sufficient conditions for a space having the property that its every scattered partition has a compact - finite open expansion