maintenance carts中文意思是什麼

maintenance carts解釋

  • maintenance: n. 1. 保持,維持,保養;保管,保存,維護,維修;繼續;支持的手段。2. 堅持;主張;擁護,支持。3. 扶養,供給;生活,生計。4. 【法律】對訴訟一方的非法援助;依法應負的對他人的贍養義務。

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  1. That ' s where the acheron will be. sure as there ' s carts to horses

  2. The office is also responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the geodetic network, provision of aerial survey and photogrammetric services, and the provision of an up - to - date map at various scales

  3. Because the introduced aeroboat is only one, maintenance become very difficult in case of the lack of spare part, to the worst result in stopping flying, bring the money lose of customers, furthermore, the taking off or landing of such driver carring aeroboat needs the airport and the number of the small type airport in our country is not more and it is very difficult to hire the

  4. Maintenance fee : 2 % of the purchasing price for apts and townhouse, semi - detached houses ; 1 % of the purchasing price for detached house

    公共維修基金:公寓、聯排別墅、半獨立別墅的公共維修基金是購買成交價的百分之二( 2 % ) ;獨立別墅的公共維修基金是購買成交價的百分之一( 1 % ) 。
  5. Owning advantages of simply structure, large energy, low noise, long service life, reliable and safety and convenient usage and maintenance, this machine widely applies to avigation, auto, tractor, tool manufacturing, textile machinery and other industries