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  1. They are jinfo mountain in nanchuan county ( natural protection section ), wuling mountain in qianjiang county ( national emphases forest demonstration county which forest cover rate is beyond 50 % ) and zhongliang mountain in beibei county ( artificial destruction is very grave ). some main land use patterns i. e. woodland, garden, infield, abandon infield, shrub and grassplot are selected in those three sample sites. four aspects on soil fertility index of karst environment under different land use patterns in these three sample sites, are revealed in this paper, by using the field test, indoor measure and analysis, outdoor experiment and field investigation, and the knowledge and technique of soil, ecology, physics and chemistry etc. they are physical characteristic ( effective soil thickness, organic layer thickness, soil texture, water - stable aggregate and soil water etc. ), chemical fertility ( organism, omni - n, omni - p, omni - k, alkali - nitrogen, available p, available k and rapid available k etc. ), soil animalcule ( bacteria, fungi, actinomyces and their grosses ) and soil - seed - pool ( plant community diversity index ) in karst ecosystem

    本研究以重慶市的南川金佛山(自然保護區) 、黔江武陵山(國家重點退耕還林示範縣,森林覆蓋率50以上)和北碚中梁山(遭人為破壞嚴重)典型巖溶區為對象,選擇了幾種重要的利用方式,包括林地、果園、耕地、棄耕地和灌草坡,採用野外巖溶生態調查和室內試驗測量分析相結合的方法,以不同土地利用方式巖溶土壤肥力為重點,對不同土地利用方式土壤肥力特徵進行量化分析,找出巖溶土壤肥力差異的主要方面及其根本原因,論文主要從土壤剖面物理退化指標(有效土層厚度、有機質層厚度、質地、團聚體、水分含量等) ,化學肥力退化指標(有機質、全n 、全p 、全k 、堿解n 、速效p和速效k等) ,樣地土壤微生物指標(細菌、真菌、放線菌數量及總量)以及樣地土壤種子庫植物群落多樣性等4個方面對重慶典型巖溶區的土壤肥力特徵進行了較為詳細的分析研究,為巖溶地區士壤資源的合理利用及結構的調控管理提供依據。
  2. Using cd, cu, zn and cr as experimental toxicants and crucian as experimental creature, we employed the environmental biotechniques ( flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry, the method of improved pyrogallol autoxidation and electron microscopy ) to study the acute toxicity and secure concentrations of heavy metals to crucian ; the accumulation and distribution of mixed heavy metals to fingling crucian ; the activities of superoxide dismutase ( sod ) of gill and liver tissues and the hispathological and ultrastructural change of superfine structure of liver and kidney of crucian after cadmium exposure. through which, we intended to fully and systemically study the toxic influence of heavy metals to fish, and preliminarily discuss the influence of heavy metals pollution to the diversified level of fish such as individual, organ, tissue, cell and molecule. thus we tried to provide scientific evidence to establish preventative management measures, avoid and relieve the harm of heavy metals pollution to aquicolous ecosystem in time

    隨后以這幾種重金屬作為實驗毒物,以鯽魚為實驗動物,應用環境生物技術、火焰原子吸收分光光度法、鄰苯三酚自氧化法、透射電鏡等技術研究了重金屬cu 、 zn 、 cd和cr對鯽魚的急性毒性及其安全濃度評價、混合重金屬在鯽魚幼體組織內的積累和分佈、 cd對鯽魚鰓和肝臟中sod活性的影響、 cd對鯽魚肝細胞和腎細胞超微結構的影響等,全面和系統地研究了水環境中重金屬暴露對魚類的毒性影響,初步探討了重金屬污染對魚類的個體? ?器官? ?組織? ?細胞? ?分子等各水平層次的影響,為制定漁業生產上預防性的管理措施提供科學依據,及時避免或減輕重金屬污染對水生生態系統造成的損害。
  3. The severe sand dust not only has great effects on the quality of atmosphere environment in cities and on people ' s health, but also can be transported by northwest current to the sea, and exert baneful effects on marine ecosystem

  4. Constructing forest ecosystem of taihang mountain plays an important role in protecting ecology safety and improving manufacturing and life environment of campagna of north - china and the area of beijing and tianjin

  5. By surveying the present situation of natural rehabilitation and manmade reconstruction about the several highway rocky slope around guiyang, highway rocky slope indicates vegetation can be recovery naturally, but the recovering velocities are greatly different because the influence factors are complicated ; the protecting measures for manmade ecosystem can create good ecosystem landscapes in short time, but it can ' t resist natural disasters