mcu multipoint conference unit中文意思是什麼

mcu multipoint conference unit解釋

  • mcu: 成化 可伸縮多媒體交互平臺
  • multipoint: 多點的多點式
  • conference: n. 1. 協商,談判,商議;討論會,協商會;會議。2. (學位等的)授與。3. 〈美國〉(宗教,學術,運動團體的)聯合會。
  • unit: n 1 個體,一個,一人。2 (計值、組織、機構)單位;單元;小組,分部;【軍事】部隊;分隊。3 【機械...

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  2. Due to too much short sustained time duration of oscillation for the blades and too wide distribution of oscillation frequency over the audio frequency range, a procedure of variable gate frequency measurement has been applied to the design of frequency measuring instrument with a micro - - controller unit ( mcu ) as its core. this procedure features a high precision and rapid speed

  3. Model and implementation of distributed multipoint control unit

  4. With turning the scale of asic ( appl ication specified integrated circuits ) to s0c ( system on chip ), which conunon1y is composed of mcu, specified function ip cores, memory, periphery interface etc, the ip reuse techno1ogy is very important in s0c design flow, which can realize the constructions of different levels components. the approach of configurable system, method and design f1ow for udsm ( u1tra deep sub micron ) asic, logic system design using hdl 1anguage, coding style, static and dynamic verification strategy are a1so presented in chapter 2. in chapter 3 we study the vlsi - - dsp architecture design, dense computation and high speed high performance digital signal processing unit structure, which includes high speed mac components and distributed arithmetic unit

  5. Multimedia control unit ( mcu ) is an important control component in ip video conference. its performance directly influences the quality of the video conference