megawatt early-warning station中文意思是什麼

megawatt early-warning station解釋

  • megawatt: n. 【電學】兆瓦(特)。
  • early: n 厄利〈姓氏〉。adj 1 早;(果實等)早熟的。2 早日的,及早的。3 早期的,很久以前的,古代的;近日...
  • warning: n. 1. 警告,警報;警戒;訓誡。2. 預告,通知。3. 號召,召喚。4. 殷鑒;前兆。
  • station: n 1 站,臺,車站;航空站,機場。2 派出所;署,局,所。3 【無線電】電臺,電視臺。 4 駐地,部戍地,...

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  3. The most visible result is the wide array of u. s. - built defense equipment that is now in use or on order by the taiwan military. for air defense capability, the list includes e - 2t airborne early warning aircraft ; nike, hawk, and chaparral ground - based air defense systems ; the modified air defense system, a patriot missile system derivative ; and 150 f - 16 fighters

  4. There have been a lot of literatures which had gone deep to the problem overseas, but there has been few in our country, especially concerning the quantitative research and the development of early warning system of chinese banking system frangibility

  5. Abstract : the preventing and remedying desertification puts into practice prevention as main, principle of combining ecology protection with prevensing and remedying, principle of preventing and remedy and economy development and utilization coodinated and promoting, comprehensive preventing and remedying and chassified control combines, public particlpation and renovating person benifits combine for different responsibility body bearing different responsibility bearing principle, becanse of man - made fault causing desartification preventing and remedying responsibility carrying out action - person bearing principle, principle of gorernment mainly bearing desertification recovery caused by nature action and benifit ' s person undertaking reasonable burban and decide unified planing system, systen of desertification status investigation and monitoring early warning system, fallow, limited cultivating hand and help - the poor combined systen, prohibitory systan, priority region and urgent - action region system