mercenary marriage中文意思是什麼

mercenary marriage解釋

  • mercenary: adj. 圖利的,為了金錢工作的;被雇傭的。 mercenary attitude 雇傭觀念。n. (外國的)雇傭兵(= mercenary troops)。
  • marriage: n. 1. 結婚,婚姻;婚禮;結婚生活,夫婦關系。2. 密切結合。3. 【牌戲】同花 king 和 queen 的配合。

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  1. His marriage disintegrated, and an acrimonious divorce that took away most of his assets.

  2. Surely the adamantine barrier of her marriage with another could not be pieced like this !

  3. The bonds of marriage and family life are no longer functional, but affectional. people used to come to love each other because they needed each other. now it is just the other way around. they need each other because they love each other

  4. Do you think agamemnon cares about his brother ' s marriage

  5. A rich merchant, cheung tin, went to u. s. for his work after his marriage and when he comes back to his home, he met his already grown up, agrestic daughter, cheung ning