merchantable height中文意思是什麼

merchantable height解釋
商品材高度, 可售材高

  • merchantable: 工業礦石
  • height: n 1 高,高度;身高;海拔。2 〈常 pl 〉高地,山丘。3 高貴,卓越。4 絕頂,頂點;【聖經】天。5 〈罕...

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  1. The estimate method of the accuracy of gps height abnormity interpolation

  2. This heating is accentuated with height because of absorption of solar energy by ozone.

  3. The results showed that 5406 actinomyces can improve the wheat seedling ' s height, root system and stalk leaf weight, can increase content of chlorophyll and root system activity in sterilized sand culture

  4. Civicmoon resort against mountain and closed to the river, the trait of landform is wander and fluctuant, it gives the stylist countless afflatus and space, the construction either built according to the mountain, or arrange the slope, the chain of mountain pile up jade green, the height strew at random, fully display its natural scene

  5. A 1975 survey by chinese alpinists put its precise height as 8, 848 meters 29028 feet controversial. shaped like a pyramid, the snow - covered peak is crisscrossed by several huge glaciers the longest 26 kilometers