metallization mask中文意思是什麼

metallization mask解釋

  • metallization: 成礦酌
  • mask: n 1 假面具,偽裝,掩蔽物;面罩;防毒面具(= gas mask);【物理學】掩模;(劈劍,棒球等用)護面;...

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  2. Direction : use on the clean face, apply the collagen antiphlogistic mask, after 20 - 30 minutes remove with clean water, use twice a week or as often as needed

    使用方法= =用法:清潔面部后,敷上治療敏感補濕骨膠原面膜,約20 - 30分鐘后,用清水洗凈,即可完成,每星期使用2 - 3次。任何皮膚及敏感性皮膚
  3. Nutritive plant mask - waratah flower beetroot

    蘆薈植物營養面膜-甜菜根、 waratah花100g
  4. Nutritive plant mask - calendula and orange

  5. Such as 180 t oxygen converter, 1550 250 mm plate suspending straightening machine, annealing furnace of the whole hydrogeb mask, 1250mm cantalever straightener etc.

    如180t氧氣頂吹轉爐, 1550250mm板坯連鑄機, 1829球磨機,全氫罩式退火爐, 1250mm懸臂矯直機等。