montell international中文意思是什麼

montell international解釋

  • montell: 蒙特爾
  • international: adj 國際(上)的,國際間的;世界的;〈I 〉國際勞工聯盟的;〈I 〉國際信號的。 an international con...

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  1. Some abbreviations in common use in domestic trade may not be readily understood in international trade.

  2. He has been an accompanist of the macao perosi choir since 1998 and was awarded the prize for excellent accompaniment in the 6th china international chorus festival in 2002

  3. 2005 tianjin international accordion festival rules of the

  4. We found it difficult to get back the serie a tempo after international duty and must learn from that

    我們要學會在國際比賽后馬上適應意甲聯賽的步子。 」
  5. Visas will be granted upon arrival at the bole international airport in addis ababa