mucous polyp of cervix中文意思是什麼

mucous polyp of cervix解釋

  • mucous: adj. 黏液(似)的;黏液質的;分泌黏液的。 a mucous cough 【醫學】痰咳。 the mucous membrane 黏膜。
  • polyp: n. 1. (水螅型)珊瑚蟲;水生小動物。2. 【醫學】鼻息肉;(子宮)蒂肉。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • cervix: n. (pl. cervixes, -vices ) 【解剖學】1. 頸;頸部。2. 子宮頸。

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  1. Smoking can cause relaxation of the pyloric sphincter, the narrow passage between the stomach and the small intestine, allowing bile to regurgitate into the stomach and damage the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum

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  3. Chronic pharyngitis, as a chronic inflammation of upper respirator congestion, features mucous membrane of pharynx and adenoid diffuse inflammation. the course of this disease can linger long and defies treatment

  4. The concept of differentiation is demonstrated by this small adenomatous polyp of the colon

  5. The skin at the base of the neck : mucous membranes of the nose you may stop nose - bleed by placing cold towel on the back of the neck