must meet margin requirement中文意思是什麼

must meet margin requirement解釋

  • must: n 〈口語〉必須做的事 不可不做的事;必需的東西。 This order is a must 這個命令必須執行。adj 〈口語...
  • meet: vt (met ) 1 遇見,碰上,擦過,相遇。2 迎接,出迎;會見,見面;面談。3 認識,初次會見。4 面臨;...
  • margin: n 1 邊緣;邊緣部分;范圍,限界;【軍事】圖廓。2 (版心外)空白;欄外,欄外註解。3 【商業】原價和...
  • requirement: n. 1. 要求,需要。2. 要求物,必需品;需要量;必要條件,資格 (for)。

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  1. Dockside warehouse in three of china ' s main ports qingdao, tianjin, dalian ensures convenient loading and rapid delivery from stock to meet customers requirement

  2. Non - management directors must meet without management in regular executive sessions

  3. Considering making full use of feedback of market information to meet the requirement of business activity, market forecasting must be various and frequent

  4. Carefully choices should be made in respect to types, specifications and number of layers based on operation conditions. strength safely coefficients must meet with the requirement listed in table below

  5. If commercial banks in china meet the requirement of the new capital accord, many questions must be solved, including the possible continual worse in capital adequacy, a lot of drawbacks in the current standard of measuring capital adequacy, imperferction in the internal system of assessing risk, and so on. in order to cope with the challenge from the internal and international financial market, commercial banks in china should make full use of the advanced managing experience of international banking, raise capitals by all possible means, make capital structure perfect, set up preliminary system of assessing risks with conceratration on internal ratings - based approaches, and continue to improve the quality of assests and the capability of gaining profits