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  • neutron: n. 【物理學】中子。n. -ics 中子(物理)學。
  • spectrum: n. (pl. -tra )1. 【物理學】譜,光譜;波譜;能譜,質譜。2. 【無線電】射頻頻譜;無線電(信號)頻譜。3. 【心理學】(眼睛的)余像;殘像。4. 〈轉義〉范圍,幅度;(連續的)系列。
  • hardening: n. 1. 硬化;【冶金】淬火。2. 硬化劑。

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  1. There appeared to be no gross distortions of the neutron spectrum expect at energies below 2 mev.

  2. Following is our main work and important conclusions : ( 1 ) the question of energy spectrum hardening. we used the klein - nishina ' s differential scatter formula, meanwhile utilize the thaler progression to spread out, and neglected the high - power, and then we deduced a theoretical formula of correction of energy spectrum hardening

    其主要工作和結論如下: ( 1 )對x射線能譜硬化問題,把klein - nishina微分散射方程,利用泰勒級數展開,在忽略高次項的情形下,近似地推導出了能譜硬化修正公式。
  3. To investigate the space / time distributions and occurrence and evolution of such events, the diffusion pattern over deserts, turbulent transfer features in sandstorm weather, the particle size distribution, mass concentration and its distribution, optic properties, chemical composition and physical factors responsible for the initiation of raising sands, we made integrative observation and sounding of sandstorms deep in the large - scale desert area, including tengri, badanjilin and maowusu, with the items consisting of micrometeorological measurement, 3d wind observation, data from kb - 120 and anderson samplers of mass concentrations of sands with their spectrum, the distribution of aerodynamic particle sizes from the aps3310a, retrieval of aerosols " optic depth from sunphotometer data, assay of the chemical composition by means of neutron activiation analysis ( naa ) and integrated study of all related factors for causing sandstorm to occur, based on the observations of all kinds

    利用所取資料,系統分析了不同強度沙塵天氣條件下沙塵氣溶膠質量濃度和質量濃度譜、粒子譜分佈、光學厚度、化學組分等特徵;綜合分析了影響沙塵起動的諸物理因子在沙塵起動中的作用;用沙塵輸送模式對一次沙塵暴天氣造成的泥雨過程的形成機制進行了模擬。歷史氣象資料統計分析表明,沙塵暴有其高發期( 4 、 5月)和高發時段( 14 - 20時) , 14時到20時之間發生的沙塵暴約占沙塵暴總次數的66 。揚沙和沙塵暴天氣條件下,湍流動量通量和湍流感熱通量都是重要的湍流交換,沙塵暴發生前近地層的超絕熱不穩定對沙塵暴天氣有加強作用。
  4. In addition, the study shows that the cmes " traveling direction is also an important factor, which influence the intensity of the geomagnetic storms. we also analyzed gcrs data from beijing super - neutron - monitor ( snm ) by using fft and power spectrum method

  5. Standard test method for use of 2n2222a silicon bipolar transistors as neutron spectrum sensors and displacement damage monitors