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  • new: NEW =net economic welfare 〈美國〉純經濟福利。adj 1 新的,嶄新的;新發現的,新發明的;新開發的。...
  • capital: adj 1 首位的,最重要的,主要的,基本的,根本的。2 〈口語〉優秀的,上好的,第一流的。3 大寫(字母...
  • accord: vi 一致,與…符合 (with)。 His actions accord with his words 他言行一致。vt 1 使一致。2 給予(禮...

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  1. New basle capital accord and the framework for financial risk supervision

  2. The basel committee on banking supervision, the international standard - setter in the field of banking supervision, has recently finalised its revised framework on capital standards for banks known variously as " basel ii " or " the new capital accord "

  3. New capital accord

  4. If commercial banks in china meet the requirement of the new capital accord, many questions must be solved, including the possible continual worse in capital adequacy, a lot of drawbacks in the current standard of measuring capital adequacy, imperferction in the internal system of assessing risk, and so on. in order to cope with the challenge from the internal and international financial market, commercial banks in china should make full use of the advanced managing experience of international banking, raise capitals by all possible means, make capital structure perfect, set up preliminary system of assessing risks with conceratration on internal ratings - based approaches, and continue to improve the quality of assests and the capability of gaining profits

  5. This paper, based on both china ' s banking reality and the requirement form new capital accord, discusses about significance and feasibility of china ' s implementation of irb approaches which is the core of basel to and put forward a series of policy suggestions