new guinea labourer party中文意思是什麼

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  • new: NEW =net economic welfare 〈美國〉純經濟福利。adj 1 新的,嶄新的;新發現的,新發明的;新開發的。...
  • guinea: n. 幾內亞〈非洲〉。n. 1. 畿尼〈舊時英國金幣,合21先令〉。2. 〈口語〉 = guinea fowl
  • labourer: n 工人;勞工,勞動者。 a free labourer 自由勞動者。 a hired farm labourer 雇農。 a long term labo...
  • party: n 1 黨,黨派;政黨;結黨,黨派活動。2 【軍事】特遣隊,分遣隊,部隊。3 (交際性質的)聚會,集會,...

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  1. Exhibits include caribou product of canadian arctic inuit, a large weaving loom from guatemala, ritual dance outfit from papua new guinea, 18 feet long polynesian outrigger dugout canoe and an 19th century wagon from american west

  2. Into the vacuum came the new york conservative party.

  3. Two of them, nepal and the philippines, have since abolished it again ; in the other two, the gambia and papua new guinea, there have been no executions

  4. 6 species from south esat asia to new guinea and fiji. imported mainly from papua new guinea, and a little from kalimantan and sulawesi

  5. Gymnasium center project in papua new guinea