north cape currrent中文意思是什麼

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  • north: n 諾斯〈姓氏〉。n 1 〈通常作 the north〉北,北方,北部。2 〈N 〉英國北部;〈N 〉美國北部各州。3 ...
  • cape: n. 岬,崎,海角;〈C-〉好望角 (=The Cape of Good Hope)。n. 披肩,短斗篷。

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  1. The following night they passed through the strait of bab - el - mandeb, which means in arabic the bridge of tears, and the next day they put in at steamer point, north - west of aden harbour, to take in coal

    這個名字,阿拉伯文的意思是「流淚之門」 。第二天是14號,蒙古號停泊在亞丁灣西北的汽船岬,因為要在那裡加煤。
  2. We would not disturb the french administrative control of north africa.

  3. Travelers sami sabiti and justine shapiro return to south africa to see how much the rainbow mation has changed in the decade since apartheid. starting in the beautiful cape town they travel to robben islad to see where nelson mandela was imprisoned. after a stop in kimberly, sami does on to the tribal lands of limpopo while justine heads east to afrikaner oudtshoorn and on to durban before meeting the wildlife of kruger national park. they end their journey in johannesburg

  4. The main provinces are the boreal, which coves all of the north temperate ; the neotropical, covering tropical central and south america ; the paleotropical, covering tropical africa and asia ; the australian ; the cape province, covering a small area around the cape of good hope ; and the antarctic, including new zealand and temperate south america

  5. Provincial development offices in the northern cape and north west provinces are currently not operational due to lack of funding