1. However, either party to a legal or administrative action may serve and file a notice of appeal to invite the court of appeals ( in new york state, the appellate division of the supreme court for a given judicial department ) to review a trial result de novo, re - examining the same evidence upon which the trial judge ruled, possibly to substitute a more appropriate result

  2. This report also summarizes a review of the literature on the management of de novo fournier 掇 gangrene cases with rectal cancers and discusses the role and timing of radiation therapy in such cases

  3. Novo receptionist : what company are you from please

  4. Xu, g., w. wang, j. t. groves, and m. h. hecht. " self - assembled monolayers from a designed combinatorial library of de novo beta - sheet proteins. " proc natl acad sci u s a. 98, ( 2001 ) : 3652 - 7

    屬新貝它摺版蛋白之設計組合化學庫中之自我組裝單層膜刊于《美國國家科學院刊》 98 , ( 2001 ) : 3652 - 7
  5. Assists de novo banks and community banks in raising capital to start a new bank or grow an existing community bank