1. The causations and features of nonuniformlty in infrared imaging systems are described in the first part of this paper. several methods of nonuniformity correction ( nuc ) for fpa are analyzed and compared in detail

    2. The simulation system includes the optics, chopper control, driving signal design, image data acquisition based on vi technology and image processing including image difference, non - uniformity correction ( nuc ), image intensification and dynamic display, etc. according to the corresponding theories, the author designed all these software modules. the research on the pyroelectric imaging technology through this experiment is of great importance to practical thermal imaging system in the future

      根據熱釋電焦平面成像原理,用sspa器件在可見光條件下設計了基於虛擬儀器技術的熱釋電凝視焦平面成像模擬系統,包括光學系統、斬波控制、驅動信號設計、基於虛擬儀器技術的圖像數據採集和相關的圖像處理技術,如圖像差< wp = 5 >分、非均勻性校正、圖像增強和動態顯示等。
    3. According to the distinction of scanning and staring ir imaging systems, researches and simulations on two - point nuc ( tpnuc ) are made respectively. as most of algorithms presume thermal imaging sensors " response is linear, they cannot avoid the effect of response nonlinearity, leaving a residual special noise

    4. This paper proposes a new way for nuc on the basis of detector ' s response nonlinerity. through analysis on the data obtained in experimentation, the nonlinerity curve and its arithmetic model are found, on the basis of which several special points on the curve can be selected to correct the nonuniformity. the algorithm takes the detector ' s natural essence into account so can behave more satisfyingly

      本文提出了一種基於探測元響應非線性的非均勻性校正方法? ?非線性擬合校正法:通過實驗測得的數據,擬合出探測器的響應特性曲線並建立其數學模型,根據曲線特徵選取特殊點(如拐點、極點等)進行定標校正。