oil separate chamber中文意思是什麼

oil separate chamber解釋

  • oil: n 1 油;油類;油狀物〈一般是不可數名詞,表示種類時則用 pl 如:vegetable and animal oils 植物油和...
  • separate: vt 1 分;分開;分離;隔開;隔離;切斷;割斷。2 區別;分別;識別。3 使脫離關系;使分居。4 開革;開...
  • chamber: n 1 〈古、詩〉室,房間;寢室,臥室;〈pl 〉套房;〈pl 〉律師[法官]辦公室。2 會議室,會場;議會,...

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  1. The structure and operating principle of an air - charged split - type adjustable shock absorber was described, e non - linear parameterized mathematical model of this shock absorber ' s damping characteristics was established according to fluid mechanics theory and the main structural affection factors to shock absorber ' s damping performance, such as the diameter of piston valve orifice, the diameter of adjustable orifice, the initial volume of gas chamber, the diameter of piston rod, the inner diameter of oil pipe and so on, were analyzed by simulations

  2. A temperature sensor, easily accessible, positioned on the air end unit, shall control separate cooler ventilation, thus preventing condensate inside the oil separating reservoir

  3. The reduced crude may then be processed by vacuum or steam distillation to separate the high - boiling lubricating oil fractions without the danger of decomposition, which occurs at high ( > 350, 660 ? ) temperatures

    由此,我們有可能獲得石油產品,這些產品包括從蒸餾塔頂部得到的氣態物質,包括比重較大的渣油或稱「殘渣」 (一般而言揮發性較差) ,以及從蒸餾塔中部得到的比重較小的其他相應物質。
  4. Separate designed hopper and granulating chamber can be dismantled easily for cleaning

  5. The spring release system of crusher acts an overload protection system that allows tramp to pass through the crushing chamber without damage to the crusher, use dry oil, water, two kinds of sealed formation