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  • our: pron 〈we 的所有格〉1 我們的。2 〈元首或英國教會主教用來代替 my〉我的。 our loyal subjects 我的忠...
  • dream: n 1 夢。2 幻想,夢想;空想。3 理想,願望。4 夢一樣美好的人[物等],美景。vi (dreamed dreamt dream...
  • car: 1 civil air regulations 民航條例。2 controlled avalanche rectifier 可控雪崩整流器。n 1 車輛;(小...

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  1. A : paul, i locked the car key in our rental car by accident

  2. If we change our views on the requirement to the educational theories, regard them as the tools by which we can open our horizons, deepen our understanding, impel us to reflect ; if we take care our dream based on the reality, the teacher ' s personal practical theory becomes the possibility to make the question and the hypothesis, and criticize and improve their experience based on others " experiences and theories, then, the growth of the teacher becomes a process of full of reasonable and self - realizing life experience, instead of the process of obliged and forced and passive life experience. this is the indeed the possibility of the approach that the growth of the teacher will happen

  3. For starters, it ' s helpful to remember that our dream - job requirements often change over time

  4. Additionally, owing to world top technology combination, world class quality management str - ategy and perfect cost control, our home car air refresher, ozone sterilizer, diversified negative ion and ozone environmental protection small home appliances also boast of outstanding competitive force in the international market

  5. So soon ? - it ' s our dream home, honey