outer plexiform layer of retina中文意思是什麼

outer plexiform layer of retina解釋

  • outer: adj. (superl. outermost)1. 外的,外部的,外面的;外側的。2. 【哲學】客觀外界的;物質的。3. 遠離中心的。n. 靶子環外的部分;環外命中。
  • plexiform: adj. 網狀的,叢狀的;復雜的。
  • layer: n 1 放置者,鋪設者,計劃者。2 【賽馬】(一般)賭客。3 產卵的雞。4 【軍事】瞄準手。5 層;階層;地...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • retina: n. (pl. retinas, -nae ) 【解剖學】視網膜。adj. -l

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  1. The cuticle exists as the separable outer boundary and consists of a layer of wax and pectin materials that appears to be structureless.

  2. It ' s quickly apparent the squad leader is only slightly stunned, thanks to an outer layer of body armor

  3. The alpha particles released from polonium - 210 have a very low penetrating power and can be stopped easily by the outer layer of skin or a sheet of paper. it is unlikely that the particles can affect human body through direct irradiation. however the ionization power of alpha particles is very high

  4. Particles is the lowest among all types of ionizing radiation. a particles can be stopped easily by the outer layer of skin or a sheet of paper

  5. Epidermis the outer protective layer of cells in plants