音標 ['leiə]
n. 名詞 1. 放置者,鋪設者,計劃者。
2. 【賽馬】(一般)賭客。
3. 產卵的雞。
4. 【軍事】瞄準手。
5. 層;階層;地層;塗層。
6. 【植物;植物學】壓條,倒伏莊稼。
7. 敷設軌。
8. 墊片,層板,夾層,膜。
vt. 及物動詞 1. 分層砌。
2. 用壓條法繁殖。
vi. 不及物動詞 莊稼倒伏。
n. 名詞 -ing 分層套穿式時裝。


    1. The study includes the hole color tv imagery system for drill hole, even - pole bore - hole acoustic system and acoustic meter, bore - hole multi - point consolidation apparatus, the quick camera computer - aid image for high rocky slope, image technology for layer analysis, safety monitoring technology for the section close to the dam, software for processing and forecasting the slope monitoring data, high precision geodesy monitoring automation system, etc. all the study results are new, advanced and practical, which has applied in the project and gained the obvious benefits

    2. To demonstrate the stability of the magenta layer when the curve shape stabilizing addendum is added, tests on incubation are compared to fresh coatings.

    3. The specimens were made from two glass arms joined with a 0. 005-in. layer of epoxy adhesive.

    4. The outer layer of an internal organ or body structure, as of the kidney or adrenal gland

    5. A method to calculate quantitatively the adsorption volume or adsorption space of per mass of adsorbent derived from both the adsorbed molecule volume and the maximum adsorbance of a solute in an adsorption isotherm under a given experimential condition is presented firstly for a solid / liquid adsorption system of the solute in a dilute aqueous solution. this method is suitable for not only mono - layer adsorption, but also mani - layer adsorption and micelle adsorpion of surfactant constructed by hydrophile and lipophile groups. therefore, the surface concentration of the adsorbate, cs, deduced from the adsorption volume is possessed of the meaning of true concentration, and the value of the patition coefficient of the adsorbate between solid and liquid phass, p, attained by the cs and the c, solution concentration of the adsorbate, can be accurate. the foregoing a set of calculations are presented for the solid - liquid adsorption systems consisted of the wool fiber and separately dodecyltrimethyl - ammonium bromide ( dtab ) and hexadecyltrimethyl - ammonium bromide ( ctab ) in this paper. this provides a strong basis for adsorption thermodynamic investigation of adsorbate

      對稀溶液中溶質的固/液吸附體系,首次提出了根據吸附分子體積和實驗條件下吸附等溫線中的最大吸附量計算單位質量吸附劑的吸附體積或吸附空間的方法.此法適用於單層吸附,也適用於多層吸附和具有親水親油結構的表面活性劑分子的膠團吸附.由此,吸附質的表面相濃度cs具有真實濃度的含義,相應地,計算得到的溶質的固/液分配系數p就有了準確值.分別計算由溴代十二烷基三甲銨( dtab )和溴代十六烷基三甲銨( ctab )與羊毛纖維構成的液/固體系分配系數等,為溶質吸附的熱力學研究奠定了基礎