overlapping niche中文意思是什麼

overlapping niche解釋

  • niche: n. 1. 壁龕〈擱雕像、花瓶等的墻壁凹處〉;【地質學;地理學】雪凹。2. (適合個人性格、能力等的)適當地位,活動范圍;【生物學】小生境。3. (市場供求情勢為企業家提拱的)有利可圖的缺口。

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  1. Form. taxus chinensis var. mairei is protecting plant in the first class, which is a precious and endangering plant in china in this paper, the quantitative characterics of form. taxus chinensis vsr. mairei population including age structure, spatial distribution pattern, growth dynamics of tree basal area, niche characterics, fractal dimension and competition between specises were studied using methods of mathematics ecology from the angle of population ecology of form. taxus chinensis var. mairei, then the prent state and the endangering causes were analysed. this research offers gist to protecting and enlarging the crude resourse of form. taxus chinensis vsr. mairei population, afforesting plantation and sustainable utilize for us

    本文從南方紅豆杉種群生態學的角度、主要應用數學生態學的方法探討南方紅豆杉種群的數量特徵,包括南方紅豆杉種群年齡結構、種群空間格局(探討分佈格局動態規律與生境相互關系) 、不同立地條件下種群優勢度增長趨勢、生態位寬度、生態位相似比例、生態位重疊、空間占據能力及種間競爭等,分析其目前現狀及瀕危原因,期望為南方紅豆杉野生資源的保護和擴大、營造人工林及可持續利用提供理論基礎,也為瀕危植物種群生態學的研究提供參考。
  2. But he said the firm will continue to focus on carving out a niche as a low - cost manufacturer, trying to make cheaper cars on the world market, which he acknowledged will filter down to its suppliers

  3. The sanwan opeirogeny is marked by the regional disconformity - angular overlapping unconformity below the upper triassic sanqiutian and yangmeilong formations, while the sandu opeirogeny is recorded by the regional disconformity - angular overlapping unconformity below the upper triassic zaoshang, duojiang and tanglong formations

  4. Low niche breadth and similarity ratio, resulting from the conditions of the droughty desert habitats, are one of the major features of sparsely distributing plants in droughty desert ecological environments

  5. However, in its process of development, china ' s convention and exhibition industry has encountered some undeniable problems, such as fraudulence, overlapping and redundancy, ipr infringement, deficiencies in the management system, lack of legal regulations, overheated exhibition facility construction, disruptive competition and the lagging behind of industrial associations