PAA =Pan American World Airways 〈美國〉泛美航空公司(1991年合併于 Delta 航空公司)。


    1. By static anti - scaling method, through scale inhibition capacity test of caco3, the result show that paa has good inhibitive effect on caco3

      通過聚丙烯酸( paa )對碳酸鈣垢的靜態阻垢法阻垢實驗,結果表明:聚丙烯酸有良好的阻碳酸鈣垢效果。
    2. Having reacted with copper, paa becomes complex. the complex decomposes after heat treating and cause the increase in dielectric constant and reduction in dielectric breakdown strength. otherwise cu2o and cuo emerge from the complex, too

      N與cu反應后,形成絡合物,熱處理時自身降解,擊穿強度降低,介電常數提高; cz在熱處理后從絡合物離解出來形成cllo和cuzo 。
    3. The results indicated that montmorillonite was intercalated by polyacrylic acid molecular. section two : preparation of polyacrylic acid / acrylamide / montmorillonite ( paa / am / mmt ) water absorbent hybrid by aqueous solution intercalated polymerization high water absorbent polyacrylate copolymer was prepared by aqueous solution intercalated copolymerization. in this reaction, the monomers were the partially neutralized acrylic acid ( aa ) and acryl amide ( am ) ; the cross - linking agent was diacryl ethylene ( egda )

      第二節溶液插層共聚制備聚丙烯酸鹽/丙烯酰胺/膨潤土雜化吸水材料及其性能研究首次利用溶液插層共聚制備了二丙烯酰基乙二醇酯( egda )交聯的聚丙烯酸鹽/丙烯酰胺/膨潤土( paa / am / mmt )雜化吸水材料。
    4. Part : study on the intercalated copolymerization and properties of exfoliated polyacrylic acid / acryl amide / montmorillonite ( paa / am / mmt ) hybrid using cation exchange resin as cation source, the montmorillonite convert to sodium form by means of the cation exchange reaction of the montmorillonite and cation resin. the two - step intercalation method by using two different organic salts was sued in the modification of montmorillonie. its effect was much better in preparing polyacrylic acid / acrylamide / montmorillonite ( paa / am / mmt )

      第三章插層共聚制備剝離型聚丙烯酸/丙烯酰胺/膨潤土納米雜化材料及其熱性能研究利用732陽離子交換樹脂對膨潤土進行鈉化,二次插層對鈉化膨潤土進行處理,溶液共聚法制備了剝離型聚丙烯酸/丙烯酰胺/膨潤土( paa / am / mmt )納米雜化材料。
    5. So, the probability of adsorption of ldl to adsorbents increases in the presence of ca2 +. in addition, an octahedral coordination geometry that is beneficial to the adsorption for ldl may be formed around a calcium ion between neighboring sde ligands immobilized on paa

      另外,從空間構象來考慮,當向吸附體系中加入caz 」后,固定於載體表面或其孔洞內的多個相鄰配體及其間隔臂分子圍繞鈣離子可能形成一個有利於l l結合的八面體結構,這樣也利於本吸附劑對ldl的吸附。