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  • pack: vt 安插[挑選]自己人充任(委員等);拉攏,收買。 pack a committee 糾集自己人充實委員會。pack cards...
  • plane: n 懸鈴木屬樹木。n 1 平面,水平面,面。2 (知識等的)發達程度,水平,階段。3 【航空】機翼面;〈常 ...

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  1. It includes " year of the ram " souvenir sheet issued by canada post ( top left ), the " the year of guiwei " presentation pack issued by china post ( top right ), the " the lord of the rings ( the two towers ) " datestamped first day cover with gummed stamps ( bottom left ) and datestamped first day cover with self - adhesive stamps ( bottom right ) issued by new zealand

    包括由加拿大郵政發行的羊年小全張(圖上左) 、由中國郵政發行的癸未年套摺(圖上右) 、由紐西蘭郵政發行的魔戒二部曲:雙城奇謀已蓋銷首日封連一套背膠郵票(圖下左)和已蓋銷首日封連一套自動黏貼郵票(圖下右) 。
  2. Study on the thin sectional anatomy and normal ultrasonogram of the adrenal glands on the coronal plane

  3. The relation of ?to the average value of may be assumed to lie between the aforementioned relations for uniform plane stress and uniform plane strain.

  4. The discharging capacity of single aluminum / air battery was over 40ah with 4a, and the output power of aluminum / air battery pack was as high as 110w

    鋁空氣單電池,恆流4a放電,放電容量超過40ah ;鋁空氣電池組的最大輸出功率超過110瓦。
  5. When a plane has passed all the tests it can get a government certificate of airworthiness.