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  • plane: n 懸鈴木屬樹木。n 1 平面,水平面,面。2 (知識等的)發達程度,水平,階段。3 【航空】機翼面;〈常 ...
  • wedge: n 1 楔,尖劈,楔形物;【幾】楔形。2 【冶金】高壓頂點。3 〈比喻〉可以逐漸擴大作用的開端。vt 用楔子...
  • profile: n 1 剖面,半面,(雕像等的)側面;側面像。2 外形,輪廓;外觀,形象;型;【航空】翼型,翼(剖)面...

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  1. First the sketch / datum plane is fitted by least - square distance, then the extruded direction or axis with the flank points of the cloud is extracted in quadratic paogramming arithmetic, and certain points projected to gain 2d sketched datas. feature points are defined to segment the sketch datas, and the sketch profile is generated by fitting separately the line and circle segment

  2. Through performing six experiments by means of a beta - plane quasi - geostrophic model and a high resolution f - plane quasi - geostrophic model, the effect of initial tangential wind profile on typhoon ' s track and intensity is examined

  3. A new evaluation method for plane line profile error

  4. The display module can be used to display the profile of geophysical data, the plane profile, the section, the histogram of borehole and solid figure of 3d data. thereby, this software system ca n display and plot the 1d, 2d and 3d figure. in the special analyst module, this system can analyze both vector data and grid data. it can not only analyze the data gets from investigation but also the data gets from other system

  5. Based on the principles of palaeobiology, stratigraphic geology, sedimentology, diagenesis and reservoir geology, taken field profile and drilling cores as research object, and combined with achievement of predecessors, the sedimentary facies, diagenesis essential characteristics of reservoir and controlling factors for reservoir of feixianguang formation in northwest sichuan have been comprehensively studied. both classic and mordern methods have been used in this research. the main confents includes : stratigraphic classification and correlation of feixianguan formation in lower triassic, the rock fexture characteristics, type and forming conditions of rock ; determining dirtributary law of the sedimentary facies in vertical and horizontal direction and distribution in plane and the essetial contronling factors through correlation of sedimentary facies transverse profile and regionnal geologic characteristics ; establishing plane stereoscopic modle of sedimentary of oolitics beach by studying diagenesis